Sunday, October 1, 2023

Pochettino opens up about joining Chelsea and discusses his stance on Kane’s transfer

Mauricio Pochettino has taken on the challenge of managing Chelsea, despite the risks involved.

He acknowledges the club’s history of winning big trophies and wants to prove himself by leading the team to success.

‌Pochettino said: “I love the risk. I love, you know, to be on the top with the expectations to be here, and I think for me it’s a challenge.

Mauricio Pochettino wastes no time in laying down the law to Chelsea flops – “No excuses!”

‌“It’s a big challenge, that I want to feel, I want to feel again, the adrenaline, and you know to be there fighting for the big trophies.

‌“This football club, because of its history is about winning big trophies. I want to prove myself, that I can deal with that.”

While he has a great relationship with former striker Harry Kane, Pochettino states that Chelsea is currently thinking in a different direction and is focused on building a squad with good qualities.

He refrains from discussing players from other clubs, especially those who were close to him.

“I don’t like to talk about players in another club, but you are talking about one of the greatest, one of the best strikers in the world.

‌“People are not stupid, fans are not stupid, they are so clever and they know my relationship with him was always amazing. I saw him when he was young, grow up and achieve all he was achieving and of course we have a great relationship.

‌“But at the moment we are thinking in different ways. We are not thinking about that. Of course working hard to try to provide the squad with good qualities. I don’t like to talk about players and more than that, players who were close to me.”

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