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Paul Pogba Net Worth, Salary, Career Family, Wife, Children, House, Cars, Private Jet

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Paul labile Pogba was born on the 15th of March 1993 in Lagsny-Sur- Marne, Seine-et-Marne in Paris, which is in the eastern suburbs of France. He currently plays for Manchester United and why there are no contract talks for now, the French international is still a United footballer.

Family and Childhood

Manchester United will fight to keep Paul Pogba beyond 2022 - Football Espana

His parents are Fassou Antoine Pogba and Yeo Moriba. Fassou Antione Pogba is from Guinea, while Yeo Moriba is from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Fassou and Yeo already had twin boys before Paul’s birth.

The eldest of the twins was Matthias, and the other, Florentin. Before Paul’s birth, Fassou Antione, his father, lived in France while his mum and the twins resided in Guinea.

After some time, Yeo relocated to France to join her husband while the twins remained in Conakry, Guinea.

She gave birth to Paul in France, making the newborn a Frenchman by birth.

Fassou Antione initially fled Guinea because of human rights violations, military oppression, economic downturn, and coups.

These issues caused several citizens of Guinea to migrate to France, and after spending some years in Guinea, the twin boys Matthias and Florentin joined their family in France.

In 1996 Paul’s parents separated when he was only two years old.

Yeo was able to secure custody of the kids and raised Paul and his twin brothers alone.

Following French laws that covered separation and divorce, Paul Pogba’s parents separated amicably, and Fassou was allowed to visit the kids as often as he wanted.

Yeo Moriba, who lived with her boys in Renardiere housing estate, followed in the footsteps of other parents in the estate and home-schooled her children to cut down on the cost of registering them in a formal school.

Pogba and his twin Brothers passionately played football as children and had the support of their parents.

Paul Pogba’s father had a strong bond with the three boys and helped build the foundation of the careers they have presently.

Fassou Antoine saw how passionate young Paul was about football when he played and actually focused on him.

He stated that Paul Pogba’s skills were distinct from other children’s, and with the right coaching and teaching, he could become a top footballer.

He quickly convinced Paul to pursue a career in football, and at six years old, he was registered at Rosy-en-Brie, where he got his first taste of formal education and played football during recess.

He started playing football more with his school team and started building his football career from there.

However, as Paul progressed at a very young age, tragedy struck when he lost his dad.

Fassou died after suffering from a long-term illness at the age of 79.

Paul has continually cited his father’s influence on him in becoming a footballer and always acknowledged him in his Instagram post.

After his father died, his mom took over the whole duty of raising the boys, which led to financial strain.

She raised the three kids in block 13 on Avenue Auguste Renoir at the Renardiere housing estate in Rosie and grey parrot, the residents of the Roissy-en-Brie, Paris.

The residents of Roissy-en-Brie we’re quite friendly. However, riots and protests between immigrants and Police were not unusual due to racial and color discrimination.

Drugs and gangsters were prevalent in the neighborhood, and the gangs recruited young boys who looked physically fit.

Pogba and his brothers were constantly targeted by gangs for recruitment, but his mom continuously shunned them off and strictly warned her kids to stay away from the kids in the block.

Despite the ills of the neighborhood that could have distracted a young paul and his brothers, they were able to maintain their focus, and Paul they were all able to come out good despite the challenges they faced.

Paul, however, is clearly the most successful of the trio.

Wife and Children

Pogba's Wife Looks So Adorable, Check Her Hot Photos And Facts About Them (Photos) - Opera News

Pogba met his model wife Maria Zulay Salaues in 2015 during Manchester United’s pre-season tour, and they married in 2019.

They had their first son Labile Shakur on the 5th of January 2019 and had their second son in 2020.

Maria Pogba’s wife is a very private person who tries to keep things about herself away from social media.

However, consistent search revealed that she is a model and was born in Rogore, Bolivia, by Karla Antelo and Ricardo Salaues.

Maria has two older sisters, Carla and Gabriela, and her family still resides in Bolivia to date.

Maria was a Christian before marrying Paul Pogba.

She, however, converted to a Muslim after their marriage.

House, Cars, and Private Jet

Discover Paul Pogba's private jet for 20M €

Paul Pogba bought a house formerly owned by Chicharito Hernandez, a former Manchester United player, for 3.87 million dollars, including renovation costs.

The house is a five-bedroom edifice and is located in Cheshire County, England.

Paul has revealed various sections of his house and the luxury the home offer from shared pictures online.

The house has an aquarium, an indoor swimming pool, and a customized pool table.

For cars, Paul is a lover of luxurious cars, and this is evident in his collection.

He owns a Lamborghini Aventador, a McLaren P1, Rolls Royce Wraith Black Badge, a Ferrari 812 superfast, and a Maserati Quattroporte GTS.

The footballer, however, is not just limited to cars and is among the few players that own a private jet.

He owns a Gulfstream G280 that was built by the aerospace industry of Israel.

The jet can accommodate ten passengers with a 4050 lb maximum payload capacity.

Endorsements, Salary, Market Value, And Net Worth

Manchester United still work in progress, says Pogba

In 2016 Paul Pogba signed a 10-year endorsement deal with Adidas worth 31 million pounds to become the company ambassador for their promotional advert.

Paul became a brand ambassador with Pepsico in February 2020, and this allows him to feature in the company’s marketing campaigns.

In September 2020, TCL, a Chinese company specializing in electronics, made Paul Pogba their brand ambassador, which allows him to appear in their advert.

In April 2021, the footballer signed a deal with Amazon Studios to create a documentation of his life called the Pogmentory, which will debut in 2022.

Paul Pogba earns a yearly salary of 15.80 million pounds in Manchester United with a market value of 60 million Euros.

Paul Pogba has an estimated net worth of 60 million dollars.

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