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Neymar Net worth, Salary, Wife, Family, House, Car, Private Jet

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Neymar da Silva Santos Jr is a professional footballer born on the 5th of February 1992 in Mogidas das Cruzes, State of Sao Paulo, Brazil, to Neymar Santos Sr and Nadine Goncalves Santos.

On the 11th of March 1996, the Santos had another daughter Rafaela da Silva Santos.

The Santos raised their two children in Southern Brazil in one of the poor local neighborhoods. The Santos had to save some money to afford Neymar’s football and soccer video games when they discovered his passion for football.

His father, Santos Sr, was a former footballer in Mogi da Cruzes, Brazil, but really never made it to the pinnacle of football.

However, his disappointments spurred him to invest in his son Neymar Jr, who promised to become a top football star.

Neymar’s Biography

Neymar net worth

Right from the beginning of Neymar Jnr’s career, his father was actively involved in everything and even tried to win positive commercials for his son in Brazil and everything other things he could just to ensure that his son looked professional.

He also inculcated the belief of prayer in Neymar and ensured that he always said a prayer at all times.

It was common for him and Neymar to always pray, and to date, Neymar Jnr still follows up with that belief.

Neymar’s father is his manager and special advisor.

The special family bond cut across everyone with his mother, Nadine Santos, also doing everything she can to promote Neymar with his posts on her Instagram and Snapchat.

Neymar net worth

Neymar also returns the love showered on him by his parents, and this is evident with the tattoo of his mother’s face on his right bicep, which he once kissed after scoring a hat-trick on mother’s day.

Neymar’s parents, Nadine and Neymar Santos SR, are separated, and their 25 years marriage ended in 2016 and Neymar’s sister Rafaela da Silva Santos changed her name after the incident to Rafaela Beckran, courtesy of her Idol Beckham.

Neymar Jr is extremely close to his sister Rafaela, and they seem to be best friends as he has a tattoo of his sister’s portrait on his right bicep as well.

Rafaella also has a tattoo of Neymar’s eyes on her right arm.

Neymar always misses games scheduled on the 11th of March to celebrateRaphaella’s birthday.

Girlfriend and Children

Neymar net worth

Neymar became a father when he was only 19 years with his girlfriend, Carolina Nogueira Dantas. Carolina was 17 at the time and was still a student when she gave birth to Neymar’s son, Davi Lucca da Silva Santos.

Neymar net worth

Neymar wasn’t exactly excited about the birth of the child as his career only started kicking off.

His cold shoulder toward Carolina led to an irreconcilable rift, and at the time of Davi’s birth, the couple had separated.

However, they both agreed to share custody so they could both spend time with the boy.

Neymar has consistently shared photos of his sons and has him registered in the kids’ football training school owned by FC Barcelona.

On her own part, Carolina Dantas have longed to move on from Neymar as she met Vinicius Martinez, a social media influencer and a businessman, in 2017.

In June 2019, the couple decided to get married, and their wedding ceremony took place in Sorocaba, Sao Paulo.

Neymar also moved on with Bruna, an actress and a model, but their relationship didn’t last long.

Houses, Cars, Private Jets

neymar Houses, Cars, Private Jets

Neymar is among the footballers who live a luxurious life as he has numerous properties. He has two houses in his home country Brazil, and he owns a couple abroad.

He has a house in Los Angeles County, one in California and another in Beverly Hills.

His family lives in one of the houses in Brazil, and the apartment is said to have six suites and five bedrooms, a heliport, a tennis court, a gym house, and a swimming pool.

Neymar’s house in Beverly Hills comprises a cinema with a 14 seat capacity, more than 12 bedrooms, a tennis court, a jacuzzi, and a swimming pool.

Neymar has quite a taste for cars.

This can be seen in his collection of cars, including Audi R8 Spyder, Mercedes AMG, Maserati Mc 12, Porsche Panamera Turbo Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita, Ferrari 458 Italia, Lamborghini Veneno, Lykan Hypersport, and Aston Martin Vulcan.

He is also among the few athletes who own a private jet. He owns an Embraer Legacy 450 with ample room for nine flyers, can cover 531 miles in 1 hour, and has an infrared camera.


  • The following is Neymar’s long list of endorsements deals.
  • NR Sports is the company in charge of the right of Neymar’s proprietary image.
  • In 2021 Epic games collaborated with Neymar for Fortnite, which is the company’s leading online game.
  • Superdry signed a three-year deal with Neymar in December 2020, which would allow him to advertise the company’s sleepwear and underwear that are 100% organic.
  • PokerStar resigned Neymar in December 2020 as their brand ambassador after their previous deal expired in 2017.
  • DAZN signed an agreement with Neymar in 2019 to create promotional adverts and digital content for the brand.
  • In November 2020, Neymar became the brand ambassador for TRILLER, which made him leave TIK TOK for the brand, and he asked his fans on social media to do the same.
  • QATAR National Bank made Neymar a global ambassador in December 2018, which allows him to be used in their promotional campaigns.
  • Since 2017 Qatar Airways has signed a long-term deal with Neymar that enables the company to feature him in their promotional campaign.
  • ALTICE Portugal signed a deal with Neymar in 2019. Diesel Fragrances collaborated with Neymar in 2019 to launch “Spirit of the Brave” Fragrances. He also features in the brand advert to promote the fragrance.
  • GAGA Milano signed an ambassador deal with Neymar in 2017, which gave him access to a limited edition of the brand watches.
  • GIGIBLE mobile technological company signed a partnership deal with Neymar in 2018 to create an app called the Neymar Experience to help give users training and nutritional tips. It will also be used to teach them soccer skills.
  • Neymar is an ambassador to Replay Jeans, TURMA DA MONICA, FAN THE FLAME COMICS, RED BULL and PUMA.

Salary, Market Value, And Net Worth

Neymar earns 30 million euros annually with Paris, and this does not include add-ons and bonuses, which are embedded in his contract.

He, alongside Mbampe and Leo Messi, are the faces of PSG, and the trio is expected to perform well together.

Neymar has not seen his best performances for the past year, but that has not done much to depreciate his market value, which still stands at around 100 million Euros.

Neymar has an estimated net worth of 200 million dollars, and this is expected to grow as he continues his time in Paris.

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