Football NewsNeymar: I Almost Rejoin Barcelona In 2019
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Saturday, September 24, 2022
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Neymar: I Almost Rejoin Barcelona In 2019


PSG star Neymar admits he wanted to leave in 2019 and return to Barcelona.

Neymar concedes he was struggling to adapt in Paris at the time.

He said in a documentary on his career: “When I made the decision to leave PSG, it wasn’t because of a fan or a club. It’s because I saw that I felt better elsewhere. I never had anything against the PSG fans, nor against the club itself. It was never that.

“On the contrary. I am very grateful, we are on the same side, we defend the same shirt. I am here to help.”

Neymar’s father also recalled: “He wanted to leave PSG to return to Barça. I didn’t want him to leave PSG, but who do I work for? We tried to leave PSG amicably but it didn’t work out.”

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