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Kwara United Give Deadline On Resumption Ahead New Season

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Kwara United have closed doors against old players that fails to show up in training on Monday.

The Harmony Boys resumed training on Monday after a month’s break.

Technical Adviser of the club, Kabir Sulaiman Dogo, told the club’s media T
team Saturday that any player not in training on Monday will henceforth be adjudged to have left the club.

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“We have a long way to go, but we must know the players that are ready to continue with the team before we begin to look for replacements.

“Therefore, any of the old players who fail to be with us at the training ground tomorrow, Monday, July 10th, 2023, would be deemed to have left the club. The team will train at the Kwara Football Academy pitch on Monday, beginning from 7.30am.

“We began training last Monday, with few of the players, and as we progressed, we grew in numbers. We understand that some of the players participated in the annual AMAPRO competition. And with that over now, any of them who is ready for us would need to join us tomorrow, which is the deadline.”

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