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Kevin De Bruyne Net Worth, Salary, Career, Family, Wife, Children, House and Cars

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Kevin De Bruyne is considered as one of the best midfielders in the world and plays for the Belgium National Team and Manchester City.

He has consistently featured among the 20 best players in the world for the past five years, according to ratings from France Magazine, Balon d or.

This Biography will discuss the life of this top-rated footballer and his success story to becoming a top footballer.

Family and Childhood

File:Kevin De Bruyne vs USA.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Kevin was born on the 28th of June 1991 to Anna De Bruyne and Herwig De Bruyne as a white Caucasian in Drongen, Belgium.

Some years after Kevin, the family welcomed the second child Stephanie.

Herwig De Bruyne is a Belgian businessman who manages Kevin, his son’s football career.

Anna De Bruyne is a petroleum engineer born in Burundi, although her parents were originally from the UK.

When her family moved to Belgium, Anna and Herwig first met each other, and the duo quickly began a romantic relationship that led her conceiving and giving birth to Kevin at just 18 years old.

Kevin, during his childhood, traveled to England, Ealing, and his mum’s hometown in Africa for visitations.

He also spent his holidays in Burundi or Ivory Coast, where the family has an oil company.

His Grandfather (his mother’s father) was a huge stakeholder in the African oil industry at the time.

Kevin started his football career at the age of four, in his hometown in Gent, and from there grew to become a very dedicated footballer.

He quickly became a rising star in his youth club in Belgium, which brought him media attention as he was regarded as a future star in Belgian football.

During this time, Belgium was not highly ranked in FIFA football stats, and the Belgium Football Association (BFA) had promised a revolution in the country football.

As Kevin progressed and climbed through the youth ranks, his popularity as a junior midfielder continued to soar, and he was even made to do interviews before and after the games.

With time he became the most loved youth footballer in Belgium, with several youth clubs looking to swindle the fast-rising star to their team.

One reason for his popularity was due to the fact that he was an Albino who could have been easily overlooked as not strong.

However, his on-pitch performance showed his remarkable strength, and for most club youth scouts, Kevin was like a miracle.

At the age of 14, Kevin was already independent and lived away from his parents.

He only gets to visit them at the weekend when his youth coaches, generally young footballers, see their loved ones.

Being a youth footballer, he was only given as much as could cater for him, and the Belgian International stated how he didn’t have a lot of problem with that as his parents had taught him prudence in spending.

However, Kevin was regularly visited by his grandmother, who had picked up a fit with his parents that they had allowed him to be all by himself, fully knowing that he could be subjected to bullying due to his condition (Albinism).

Kevin’s Relationship and Marriage

All about Kevin De Bruyne's wife and his Personal life - TheNetline

Kevin dated Caroline Linen for three years before their relationship came to an end.

Caroline Linen revealed that Kevin cheated with her former best friend and later admitted it to her due to the feeling of guilt.

She stated that she felt betrayed and planned to get her own revenge while pretending to be cool with his plea.

She eventually got her revenge by cheating with Kevin, National compatriot and best friend at the time Thibaut Courtois.

Caroline stated that she didn’t have any regret as she decided to hurt Kevin since his parents allegedly supported him when they found out about his promiscuity.

She accused them of threatening her with legal action if she told the media what happened between herself and Kevin.

Caroline praised Thibaut Courtois for making her feel like a real woman and making her happy in their short rendezvous and claimed that Kevin could not make her feel that way during the three years they spent dating.

On Kevin’s end, the romance controversy affected him personally, and his football form took a hot due to lack of focus.

He was at Chelsea at the time of the scandal and was eventually loaned and sold to when he couldn’t measure up to his strength.

Kevin was emotionally traumatized for the months following the revenge news of his girlfriend, and the issue destroyed his friendship with Thibaut Courtois.

Thankfully Kevin eventually recovered his form and even soon started dating again.

The Prolific met his new date, Michelle Lacroix, in 2014 during his time at Werder Bremen.

Kevin tweeted, and Michelle favorited the tweet, and Kevin’s friend noticed it.

Kevin and his friend also agreed that Michelle was pretty, but Kevin was not sure she would respond to him, so he allowed his friend to message her on his behalf.

Michelle responded to the message, and in a few months, Kevin and herself started dating.

At the age of 19, Michelle moved with Kevin to help him focus more on his football career.

She helped stabilize his emotion after his unfortunate heartbreak, and also she supported him at Wolfsburg.

She also helped him increase his social cycle, and Kevin, an introvert, began to socialize more with people. In 2016, Michelle and Kevin got engaged in Paris, and in 2017, they got married.

Before their marriage, the couple had their first child Mason Milan De Bruyne, on the 10th of March 2016.

On the 31st of October, 2018, the couple had their second son Rome and had their third son Suri in September 2020 to make the family a perfect five.

Endorsements, Cars, and Houses

Kevin de Bruyne Wiki 2021 - Girlfriend, Salary, Tattoo, Cars & Houses and Net Worth

In 2015 Kevin De Bruyne signed an endorsement deal with Nike that would last for seven years.

In 2016 Orange, a telecommunication company signed an ambassador deal with Kevin with the help of Primetime sports.

In 2019 Kevin became a partner with Roc Nation Sports.

Over the years, he has been the face of EA SPORTS games, including some of the FIFA Franchise.

Kevin owns a few luxurious cars: Peugeot RCZ, Mercedes G63, Audi A8, Mercedes GLE Coupe, and a Range Rover SUV.

Kevin is said to have two Mansions, one in Manchester, England, where he stays with his wife and kids, and another mansion in Belgium, his home country.

Salary, Market Value, and Net Worth

De Bruyne, Kante and Jorginho up for UEFA Player of the Year | Football News - Hindustan Times

Kevin De Bruyne is the highest earning player in Pep Guardiola Manchester City, deserving of being the team talisman.

He has consistently maintained top-level class, and that has helped his Agent, Herwig De Bruyne, negotiate a better salary structure for him.

Kevin earns a yearly salary of 20,800,000 million pounds in Manchester City FC. He has a market value of 110 million dollars with a net worth of 77 million pounds.

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