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Juventus 1-1 Inter Milan; statistical analysis as the Serie A giants share the spoils

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Juventus played out a 1-1 draw with Inter Milan in Turin as both sides faced off with each other in the Italian topflight.

Juventus thought they are going to win the game but Belgian star Romelu Lukaku equalized in added time to seal a famous point away from home.

Following Inter’s 1-1 draw with Juventus, evaluate the statistical analysis as regards the game.

                                                            Full Statistics

                                                            Shots on Target

3 (Juventus)                                                                                        (Inter Milan) 4

Juventus had 4 shots on target as compared to the 4 shots on target Inter Milan had in the game.

And it wasn’t a surprise as the Milan side forced their way back into the game. Despite going down 1-0 late on in the 83rd minute.

                                                            Shots off Target

6 (Juventus)                                                                                        (Inter Milan) 6


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The two teams competed at the highest level amid their quality in the game as they shared 6 shots off target among themselves.

With 12 shots evident in this regard, we know that both sides (Juventus and Inter Milan) were ambitious in the final third.

Though they need to improve further in order to score more goals in the season.



38 (Juventus)                                                                                      (Inter Milan) 62

Both teams had exemplary players in the middle, and you could see the quality they did produce on the playing turf.

However, it was Inter Milan that had more possession of the ball than the home side Juventus.

And that’s why they deservedly got their equalizer as Romelu Lukaku struck to level matters for the Inter Milan side.

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4 (Juventus)                                                                                        (Inter Milan) 3

Juventus had the upper hand here for the entire duration of the game. Inter Milan despite playing away from home pressured Juventus into conceding corner kicks in this game.

But it was Juventus that managed to pull up to 4 corner-kicks as compared to Inter Milan’s 3 corner-kicks in the game.


1 (Juventus)                                                                                        (Inter Milan)

The Juventus side was trying to make the most of their home advantage to secure the win at home.

But it wasn’t to be as they managed only a 1-1 draw at home to Inter Milan.

They had an offside call to show for their attempts to get a goal by all means, unlike Inter Milan which had no offside in the tie.

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9 (Juventus)                                                                                        (Inter Milan) 15

 A couple of physical challenges are expected in this game as hostility ensued at Juventus’s home Stadium.

It wasn’t a surprise for us to witness 9+15=24 fouls in a game of this magnitude.

The home side had 9 fouls committed as compared to the 15 fouls Inter Milan had in the game.


8 (Juventus)                                                                                        (Inter Milan) 11

Juventus had their own fair share of tactical discipline to observe in the game.

But in the end, it led to Inter Milan making more adventure in the entire match despite the talent Juventus possess in Angel Di-Maria and goals scorer Juan Cuadrado.

Juventus had 8 throw-ins as compared to the 11 throw-ins accounted for by Inter Milan.

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                                                            Yellow Cards

2 (Juventus)                                                                                        (Inter Milan) 3

The match was scintillating as it produced key characteristic moments as we’ve seen in the match.

While the Physical challenges that occurred from these two teams ensured there were bookings to note in the 90 minutes duration.

Juventus vs. Internazionale - Football Match Report - April 4, 2023 - ESPN

Juventus had two yellow cards as compared to the 3 yellow cards for Inter Milan.


1 (Juventus)                                                                                        (Inter Milan) 2

The match was certain to produce a carded offence as we saw with the Yellow cards above.

But they went further to pick up red cards as Juventus got a red card when Cuadrado was given the marching order in the 90+8 minutes.

Inter Milan had 2 Red-card with Romelu Lukaku sent off in the 90+5 minutes. While Samir Handanovic was sent off along with Cuadrado in the 90+8 minutes.

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