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Harry Kane Shirt Snub: James Maddison Opens Up About Sale Demands

James Maddison recently revealed why he initially did not want to wear Harry Kane’s iconic number 10 Tottenham shirt.

However, he ended up with it anyway, as the club wanted to boost sales in the club shop.

When Maddison joined the team, he did not want to wear the number 10 shirt, despite it being his favorite number.

Instead, he was given the number 71 shirt for a pre-season friendly. Some speculated that this was because the club was planning to sell Kane.

And indeed, shortly after Kane’s departure, Maddison was announced as the new wearer of the number 10 shirt.

Maddison admitted that he did not hesitate to accept the number once it became available, as it was his favorite number and he even has it tattooed on him.

Despite Kane’s departure, Maddison believes that the team has maintained a positive energy and has not been negatively affected.

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