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Gianpaolo Tartaro reveals, warns about a second surgery on Osimhen

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The surgeon who operated Victor Osimhen has revealed that the injury he (Osimhen) suffered in the Serie A tie against Inter was more terrifying than imagined.

The 22-year old sustained the injury when he collided with Inter Milan’s Skriniar. The force was so much that Osimhen’s eye came out of its socket and his face looked as if it had ‘ended up under a press’ said Gianpaolo Tartaro, the surgeon who treated the Nigerian forward on Tuesday.

A report on UK’s newspaper, Daily Mail, has it that Osimhen, who is ruled out of football for 90 days had 18 screws inserted in his cheekbone to address the horrendous facial injury .

Tartaro explained that the extent of the injury made the surgery far from straightforward, adding that the Nigerian will in all likelihood have to wear a special face covering once he returns to action.

“The eye came out of its socket. It is not simple at all, in fact it is very delicate due to the crushing of the socket, due to the curving of the malar bone [which is] practically destroyed.”

“The various fractures, not only the cheekbone, obviously brought complications and six plates and 18 screws had to be inserted.”

“[Surgery] took three hours, we had to cut him in three places on his face,” he continued.

“We have to now look at a special mask for his case. It is not something banal, there is a nerve there, it is all very difficult. We will see how his situation evolves.”

Tartaro further warned the Napoli striker not to hesitate in coming to the operating room if there’s a problem.

“Victor has to be very careful because if there is a problem he must return to the operating room,” he said.

Osimhen, who has netted nine goals in fourteen outings for the Naples this term, will miss the African Cup of Nations in January and may well have to undergo surgery again.

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