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France’s Mbappe Could Miss Key Euro 2024 Matches Due to Nose Injury

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Kylian Mbappe faces uncertainty ahead of Euro 2024 following a nose injury sustained during a match against Austria.

The incident occurred in the 86th minute of France‘s 1-0 victory, when Mbappe collided with defender Kevin Danso while attempting a header from a free kick.

The impact resulted in a broken nose for Mbappe, who received immediate medical attention on the field.

French Football Federation president Philippe Diallo confirmed that Mbappe will not need immediate surgery but emphasized it’s too early to determine when he will return to play.

Sources indicate Mbappe is likely to miss France’s upcoming match against the Netherlands in the group stage.

The federation released a statement detailing Mbappe’s diagnosis and treatment plan, stating he will undergo further medical care and be fitted with a protective mask to facilitate his return to competition.

Despite the setback, Mbappe remains optimistic and engaged with fans on social media, seeking suggestions for the type of mask he should wear during his recovery period.

The injury has cast a shadow over France’s upcoming fixtures, with their match against the Netherlands scheduled for Friday and a final group stage encounter against Poland on June 25.

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