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Former footballer Samuel Eto’o agrees to pay daughter €90,000 to avoid prison

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Former footballer Samuel Eto’o has reached an agreement with his estranged daughter, Erika do Rosario Nieves, to avoid prison.

The legal dispute between them began in the 90s when Eto’o, who was playing for Real Madrid at the time, met Rosario at a nightclub in Madrid.

Despite Eto’o allegedly wanting the pregnancy terminated and accusing Rosario of being after his money, she decided to keep the baby.

Eto’o reportedly refused to recognize the child as his daughter and did not provide child support.

In 2018, a Spanish court confirmed the paternity, and Rosario sought child support payments totaling €90,000.

To avoid jail time, Eto’o agreed to pay the amount, and Rosario agreed to close the case.

Eto’o has not publicly acknowledged Rosario as his daughter or commented on the agreement.

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