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10 Fastest Premier League Hat-Tricks That Will Leave You in Awe

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Experience the thrill of the fastest hat trick in EPL history. From record-breaking goals to unforgettable moments, this list will leave you in awe.

When it comes to football, there’s nothing quite as thrilling as witnessing a hat-trick. And when that hat-trick is scored at lightning speed, it becomes truly extraordinary.

In the world of football, hat-tricks are a rare and cherished feat.

Scoring three goals in a single match is no easy task, but what if I told you that there are some players who have achieved this incredible feat in record-breaking time?

Top 10 Fastest Hat Trick In EPL

In this post, we’ll explore the top 10 fastest hat trick in EPL that still have fans talking to this day.

Let’s now take a closer look at the top 10 fastest Premier League hat-tricks of all time.

10. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer – 10 minutes

Manchester United’s Ole Gunnar Solskjaer etched his name in the history books with a breathtaking display against Nottingham Forest in 1999.

Coming off the bench, Solskjaer scored an astonishing four goals in just 12 minutes, including a rapid hat-trick in just ten minutes.

Solskjaer’s incredible ability to find space in the box and convert chances into goals was on full display during this match.

His lightning-quick hat-trick showcased his clinical finishing and his knack for being in the right place at the right time.

9. Teddy Sheringham – 10 minutes

Teddy Sheringham, a Manchester United legend, demonstrated his goal-scoring prowess with a memorable hat-trick against Southampton in 2000.

Sheringham’s ability to find space in the box and convert chances into goals was exemplified during this remarkable display of skill.

His ten-minute hat-trick showcased his ability to seize opportunities and make an impact on the game.

Sheringham’s clinical finishing and intelligent movement were key factors in his rapid-fire hat-trick.

8. Jermaine Pennant – 10 minutes

Arsenal’s Jermaine Pennant joined the elite club of players who have scored a hat-trick in the Premier League, and he did it in style.

In a match against Southampton in 2003, Pennant showcased his incredible talent by scoring three goals in just ten minutes.

Pennant’s lightning-fast hat-trick was a display of pure skill and precision.

His ability to read the game and exploit the opposition’s weaknesses was on full display, as he effortlessly weaved through defenders to find the back of the net time and time again.

7. Ian Wright – 9 minutes

In 1995, Arsenal legend Ian Wright etched his name in the history books with a blistering hat-trick in just nine minutes against Ipswich.

Wright’s incredible display of skill and technique left the opposition defense in shambles, as he effortlessly found the back of the net time and time again.

Wright’s ability to create scoring opportunities out of thin air was nothing short of mesmerizing.

His nine-minute hat-trick stands as a testament to his incredible goal-scoring prowess and his unwavering determination to succeed.

6. Sergio Aguero – 8 minutes

fastest hat trick in epl

When it comes to lightning-fast hat-tricks, Sergio Aguero is the undisputed king. In a jaw-dropping display of skill and precision, Aguero netted three goals in just eight minutes during Manchester City’s 6-1 victory over Newcastle in 2015.

This extraordinary feat left fans and pundits alike in awe, cementing Aguero’s status as one of the greatest strikers in Premier League history.

The Argentine forward showcased his ability to find the back of the net with remarkable ease, combining his lightning-fast pace with impeccable finishing.

His rapid-fire hat-trick will forever be etched in the memories of football enthusiasts around the world.

5. Andy Carroll – 7 minutes 14 seconds

fastest hat trick in epl

In a thrilling encounter between West Ham and Arsenal, Andy Carroll stole the show with a mesmerizing hat-trick that took just 7 minutes and 14 seconds.

Carroll’s aerial prowess and predatory instincts were on full display, as he single-handedly dismantled Arsenal’s defense.

This remarkable achievement will forever be etched in the memories of West Ham supporters.

4. Gabriel Agbonlahor – 7 minutes

fastest hat trick in epl

Aston Villa’s Gabriel Agbonlahor etched his name in Premier League history with a seven-minute hat-trick against Manchester City in 2008.

Agbonlahor’s electrifying pace and clinical finishing left City’s defense helpless, as he took them apart with ease.

This unforgettable performance elevated Agbonlahor to legendary status among Aston Villa fans.

Now, let’s delve into number three fastest hat trick in EPL.

3. Jermain Defoe – 7 minutes

fastest hat trick in epl

Jermain Defoe’s seven-minute hat-trick in a match against Wigan is one for the history books.

With incredible composure and lethal finishing, Defoe lit up White Hart Lane, leaving the opposition stunned and his teammates in awe.

This remarkable achievement continues to be remembered as one of the most memorable moments in Tottenham Hotspur’s rich history.

But the excitement doesn’t end there. Let’s move on to number two on our list of fastest hat trick in EPL.

2. Robbie Fowler – 4 minutes 33 seconds

fastest hat trick in epl

In the year 1994, Robbie Fowler made waves with a blistering hat-trick against Arsenal that took a mere 4 minutes and 33 seconds.

Fowler’s exceptional display of skill and precision left the Arsenal defense in shambles, solidifying his place in Liverpool folklore.

It’s a performance that still sends shivers down the spines of Arsenal fans.

Finally, we reach the first lightning fastest hat trick in EPL.

1. Sadio Mane – 2 minutes 56 seconds

fastest hat trick in epl

At number one, we have Sadio Mane’s breathtaking hat-trick that took just 2 minutes and 56 seconds.

In a match against Aston Villa, Mane showcased his lightning-fast speed and clinical finishing, leaving both fans and opponents in disbelief.

This record-breaking feat will forever be etched in Premier League history.

Conclusion on fastest hat trick in EPL

These top 10 fastest hat trick in EPL remind us of the sheer excitement and unpredictability of football. From Mane’s lightning-fast feat to Carroll’s aerial dominance, these extraordinary performances continue to captivate fans around the world.

Whether you support one of these teams or simply appreciate the beauty of the game, these hat-tricks are a testament to the skill and talent that graces the Premier League.

As football enthusiasts, we are privileged to witness such moments of brilliance. These fastest hat trick in EPL will forever be etched in the history books, reminding us of the incredible skill and precision that exists in the world of football.

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