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Dortmund Star Bellingham Encourages Footballers To Get Vaccinated

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Borussia Dortmund midfielder Jude Bellingham has encourage every footballers to get vaccinated against Covid-19, claiming he’s received both vaccination plus his booster.

In the German Bundesliga, 94% of players are double vaccinated which means they’re committed to making sure club staff and people around them are safe of contacting the virus.

While in the Premier League only 77% of the players had taken the two dose vaccine, with 92% taken only dose of the vaccine.

Bellingham told BBC that: “I’ve had both jabs and the booster, just to be safe. I don’t want to be passing anything on to my family and be having to miss game myself.”

“It’s not for me to sit here and say everyone has to get vaccinated, it is personal choice obviously I want everyone to be safe, so I’d probably advice them to get it.”

On Monday, 90 Premier League players and staff tested positive for Covid-19 the most recorded in the league over a seven days period.

While the debate around footballers vaccination rates comes amid a series of Covid-19 outbreaks at Premier League and EFL clubs, causing a huge postponements of matches the Premier League and EFL have opted to continue with the festive fixtures following their meeting on Monday.

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