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Cristiano Ronaldo forgot which country he was in At Al Nassr Unveiling

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At his Al Nassr unveiling, Cristiano Ronaldo made a startling mistake – he momentarily confused Saudi Arabia with South Africa!

The football icon was presented to his new team’s fans at Mrsool Park on Tuesday evening.

After announcing that he’d joined the club upon terminating his contract at Manchester United, some questioned why such a renowned athlete would join what is considered a less competitive league.

His response? He reportedly exclaimed that it must have been because of “South Africa’s great people and culture”.

Needless to say, this misstep stirred up much amusement among those in the audience!

“For me, it is not the end of my career coming to South Africa,” Ronaldo was filmed saying in a now-viral video.

“This is why I want to change and to be honest I really don’t worry about what people say,” he added.

It remains to be seen when Ronaldo will make his debut for his new club, with the side scheduled to take on Al-Tai FC on Thursday, January 5.

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