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Concerns Rise Over Rashford’s Declining Performance Standards at Man Utd

It seems that Marcus Rashford has failed to heed the warnings of Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag

It seems that Marcus Rashford has failed to heed the warnings of Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag.

Just six months ago, Ten Hag emphasized the importance of a disciplined lifestyle for players, including sleep, recovery, and nutrition.

He made it clear that failing to adhere to these standards would hinder performance on the field.

Unfortunately, it appears that some players, including Rashford, have let their standards slip.

As United prepares for a crucial month of fixtures, Rashford’s actions have compromised the team’s preparations.

It is no surprise that he may find himself starting on the bench in the upcoming matches.

Rashford’s latest apparent transgression, being pictured out in Belfast when he should have been training, is a cause for concern.

He needs to take ownership of his actions and provide answers to the questions that have arisen.

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The United supporters, who have been audibly concerned about his form this season, deserve clarity.

Rashford is entitled to socialize and have a personal life, but he must also recognize the impact his actions have on his performance and the perception of him as a player.

His previous missteps, such as attending a party after a defeat, have not been forgotten.

It is time for him to assume the seniority and responsibility that comes with being a long-standing member of the United first team.

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If Rashford does not make a change, it is clear that his declining standards will only lead to further loss of confidence from the supporters and a test of the manager’s authority.

It is up to him to show that he is committed to the highest standards both on and off the pitch.

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