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A Quarter Of Players Not Intending To Get Vaccinated – EFL

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The English Football League have hinted that a quarter of players and it’s member clubs do not intend to get vaccinated.

Following an outbreak in recent time in the camp of some English clubs, some matches across all divisions in the country were been cancelled.

According to the EFL, as of last month only 31% of players had not received a first dose of the vaccine, and also revealed the teams should now adopt a tighter protocols at training grounds and enforced more regular testing.

While the clubs are fighting hard to make their players safe, an updated guidance on the maximum number of available players required to fulfill a match day fixture has been passed on which means teams will be expected to play a game where they have 14 players including a goalkeeper.

Vaccine data collected by the EFL in November showed 75% of players were either fully vaccinated, had a single jab or intended to be vaccinated.

Double vaccinated players totalled 59% with 10% having had a single dose at the time, while 6% were set to get a first jab.

However, as it stands 25% of players said they currently do not intend to get a vaccine while 49% of players in EFL were double vaccinated which was up from 18% the previous month.

While 81% of Premier League players have had at one jab, while 68% had been give two doses the EFL’s medical adviser, Dr Richard Higgins encourage players and staff at clubs to get fully vaccinated and obtain a booster jab if eligible to do so.

He also added that getting double jab and booster will help reduce the risk of getting seriously ill or dying from Covid-19.

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