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Redbird linked to embezzlement in £1bn Liverpool-AC Milan deal


Controversy for Liverpool investors as Redbird’s £1bn takeover of AC Milan in doubt

Italian prosecutors are carrying out an investigation into potential embezzlement linked to the takeover of AC Milan by Liverpool investors RedBird Capital last summer.

The allegations of financial misappropriation were brought forward by Blue Skye, a Luxembourg-based firm with a minority stake in the club.

Italy’s tax police have not named any individuals but are now gathering documents related to the acquisition.

RedBird Capital have yet to comment on the matter and have investments in various clubs across Europe, including Premier League side Liverpool, Ligue 1 team Toulouse and Indian Premier League cricket team Rajasthan Royals.

Upon completion of the deal costing €1.2bn, Gerry Cardinale said: “Our vision for Milan is clear: we will support our talented players, coaches and staff to deliver success on the pitch and allow our fans to share in the extraordinary experiences of this historic club.”

Milan currently stand second in Serie A and will face Tottenham Hotspur in Champions League round of 16 next month.

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