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Leicester Gives Players Six-Month Deal in Case of Contract Termination


Ayoze Pérez's contract

Leicester City are reportedly willing to agree to a six-month deal with Real Betis should Ayoze Pérez’s contract with them be terminated.

Estadio Deportivo state that the forward would sign onto a six-month agreement with the La Liga side, irrespective of the type of deal made.

The move only possible if a few players are offloaded by Real Betis, for which an agreement has been reached between the squad and the club.

Pérez is either set to be released from Leicester or loaned out till the end of this season, both of which being acceptable to Leicester as they have approved his departure.

Additionally, Pérez himself and Betis also support it being “the best thing for everyone”. If it works out, he will get an extension in the summer and become one of their major players eventually.

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