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AFCON 2021: Queiroz blasts Eto’o over comments on AFCON semifinal clash



Head coach of the Egyptian national team, Carlos Queiroz has blasted the FECAFOOT President, Samuel Eto’o over his comment on the AFCON semifinal clash between Egypt and Cameroon.

Eto’o in a video posted on social media had likened the semifinal date between the two most successful sides in the history of the AFCON to a “war”, the comment that has gotten the Egypt coach annoyed.

“Prepare yourselves because this is going to be a war,”

“That is how we need to approach this match. A war! You can’t let this opportunity pass you by.” Eto’o says.

Queiroz in reacting to Eto’o’s comments noted that it’s a comment that sends a very bad message to the Cameroonian people.

“It is a very bad message to the people of Cameroon. I think he forgot that Cameroon people died at the stadium a couple of days ago,” Queiroz told media after an Egypt training session in Yaounde.

“To make this declaration of war before a game I think he has learned nothing from being in professional football.”

The former Real Madrid coach called on the Confederation of African Football to take action against Eto’o, the one-time Barcelona striker who twice won the Cup of Nations as a player.

“It was a very very, unfortunate comment because football is not about war, football is about celebration, joy, it’s about happiness,” Queiroz said.

“We are here to please the people. We are not here to make people die. We are here to have fun, to have joy.

“So to challenge the team of Cameroon to come and play a war against us I think it’s something that I leave to CAF because a comment like this deserves a red card.”

The semi-final will be played at the Olembe Stadium in Yaounde in the first game to be staged there since eight people died and 38 were injured in a crush before Cameroon beat the Comoros on January 24.

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